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Wildland Firefighting Links - NorthTree Fire International

Agency Pages

Bureau of Land Management Office of Fire and Aviation
Forest Service National Office of Fire and Aviation Management
Fire and Aviation Management - Pacific Southwest Region
NPS Fire Management Program
NPS Fire Management Program - Park Fire Websites
California OES
CDF - Fire and Emergency Response
Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)
Washington Department of Natural Resources (WADNR) Resource Protection
United States Fire Administration
Canadian Fire Management
International Fire Info Network

Fire Intelligence

National Situation Report
Inciweb- Incident Information System
Fire Information - Pacific Southwest Region
CDF Fire Information - 2004 Fire Season
National Fire News
New Wildland Fire Information Page @ NIFC
Current Wildland Fire Information
NIIC - Morning Report
National Interagency Coordination Center
Pacific Southwest Regional Fire News
National USFS Fire News & Info
National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
Rocky Mountain Area Fire & Aviation Management Home
Northern California Interagency Predictive Services
Rocky Mountain Area Predictive Services
GeoMAC - Wildfire Maps
Large Fires Map (MODIS)
Rocky Mountain Unable to Fill List
Southwest Area - Fire Information New Releases
Western States Fire Information Resource

Geographical Area Coordinating Centers (GACC)

Nationwide Geographical Area Coordinating Center (GACC) Index
GACC Detailed Situation Report - Southzone
GACC Detailed Situation Report - Northzone
Northern Rockies GACC Detailed Situation Report
Rocky Mountain GACC Detailed Situation Report
Western Great Basin GACC Situation Report
Western Great Basin GACC Fire Activity
PNW Interagency Coordination Center
Southern Area Coordination Center Web Page
Eastern Area
Eastern Great Basin Coordination Center

PNW Fire Offices

Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center (COC)
Eugene Interagency Communication Center (EIC)
Klamath Falls Interagency Fire Center (KFC)
Northeast Oregon Interagency Fire Center (NOC)
Umatilla National Forest - Fire & Aviation
Vale District BLM
Northwest Aviation Managment

Fire Weather

Pacific Ocean Visible Satellite
Redding Fire Weather Center
National Weather Service
National Weather Service - Reno, Nevada
Pacific Satellite
West Coast Radar
All RAWS sites
Operational Significant Event Imagery


Six Minutes for Safety
FirefighterCloseCalls.Com - Home of the Secret List
Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center Home Page
Article on the Similarities of Fatality Fires in 2004 (pdf)


current news
NWCG Home Page
Welcome to DiscoverU2.com !
Wildfire Terminology


Wildfire News
Scratchline Newsletter
Wildland Firefighter
FIRE GLOBE The Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC)
Wildland Fire News Page
Cryptic Article on NTFI in Slovakian @ Digitálny svet
Spanish Article on NTFI GIS During Cedar Fire

Fire Organizations

National Fire Protection Association Home Page
Wildfire Prevention
National Smokejumper Association
Congressional Fire Services Institute

Fire Ecology/Resource Management

Fire and Resource Assessment Program ( FRAP ) -- CDF
NPS Fire Management Program - Fire Ecology
NPS - National Fire Plan
NPS Fire Management Program - Wildland Fire
California Fire Safe Council
National Association of State Foresters
San Dimas Technology Development Center
Pacific Southwest Research Station - USDA Forest Service
Pacific Northwest National Fire Plan


Incident Support Software Page (IRSS, ICARS, ISUITE, etc.)
USFS Fire Application Support Page

Incident Management Teams

Alaska IMT
Blue Mountain Interagency Fire Team
California IMT1
California IMT3
California IMT5
Northwest Oregon Interagency Management Team
Pacific Northwest - Team2
Pacific Northwest - Team3
Washington Incident Management Team #4
Fire Use Management Teams Home


CDF Contacts
PNW-NWCG Members and Links

Other Lists of Links

www.wildfirenews.com links
Wildland Firefighter Links
911 Site- Emergency Service Links

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