Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

NorthTree Fire International will provide the spark that ignites changes to meet the natural environment and emergency management challenges globally.

Our Mission

NorthTree Fire International provides the finest service, equipment, and personnel to assist in emergency response, recovery, mitigation, and preservation of our natural environment.

Our Core Values


In all of our professional contacts we are completely honest and ethical. We set high standards and achieve these standards by being decisive, courageous, and highly professional.


We seek opportunities to dive into the unknown, to explore new ideas and to take risks where rewards for success are great. We approach each new adventure with enthusiasm in our quest for the thrill of success.


We are one team, dedicated to interpersonal relationships which are characterized by honesty, loyalty and respect for one another. We support each other fully and are comfortable in the knowledge that we depend upon one another for this support.


We will realize fulfillment by achieving success.


Our dedication to achieving our goals, objectives, and vision, assures successful results because we...

Just Focus and Do It

Our People Make the Difference