Statement of Qualifications

Industrial Site Safety Standby

NorthTree has provided confined space rescue standby services since 1997 and today has one of the largest staffs of confined space technicians in private industry. In 2008, NorthTree was selected by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and awarded a multi-year contract to provide confined space rescue standby services for all DWR facilities throughout the state. Our fully trained and certified standby rescue teams adhere to OSHA regulations and requirements and can assist our clients in evaluating their workplaces to provide standby rescue services for routine and specialized operational events.

Remote High-speed Internet

NorthTree's Clerical Support Trailers can be hired as a standalone satellite internet service. We offer satellite internet access at speeds of up to 15Mbs download and 1Mbs upload, with VOIP phone service. This service can be provided in the form of free wireless for your remote event, or as the communications backbone of any mobile logistical effort. Contact our Dispatch Center for more details.

Mechanical Forest Fuels Treatment

Our Fuels Management program offers a full range of hazardous fuels reduction services that includes all types of mechanical treatment, large or small. NorthTree Fire's Fuels Management professionals bring over 75 years of combined experience to your fuels project. Our projects emphasize careful thinning, with an objective of reducing potential fire intensities around assets at risk.

Mobile Documentation Services

NorthTree's Incident Management Support program includes Mobile Documentation Services capable of handling a full range of administrative services including computer based data collection and retrieval, archiving, consolidation of field notes, report development, graphic arts, weather monitoring, graphics reproduction and high speed color printing, and distribution services. These facilities are self contained including power, satellite internet hub, satellite as well as mobile phones and delivery. These units are staffed by trained documentation specialists. NorthTree has been deployed in support of agencies such as FEMA, NASA, USDA, USDOI, on such notable incidents as the Space Shuttle Recovery Mission, the 2003 and 2007 Southern California Firestorms, and on over 100 other Type 1 Incidents since 1999. These units can be deployed to disasters, or keep your special event from becoming one.