Wildland Fuels Management

Mechanical Forest Fuels Treatment

Our Fuels Management program offers a full range of hazardous fuels reduction services that includes prescribed fire and all types of mechanical treatment, large or small. NorthTree Fire's Fuels Management professionals bring over 75 years of combined experience to your fuels project.

Fuels Project Manager

Layne Pauly
1.800.FIRE.OUT / dispatch

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Qualified Personnel

We can provide you with the personnel and equipment that best meet your needs. Our projects emphasize careful thinning, with an objective of reducing potential fire intensities around assets at risk.

The Right Tools

We use a variety of machines to get your fuels work done right. Our Takeuchi machines maintain a very low ground pressure and are equipped with Fecon cutting heads, loader buckets, shears (cut up to 12" diameter trees) and log loader attachments. We also utilize excavator-based brush masticators. Our low ground impact machines can cut fuels up to 12 inches in diameter, while leaving virtually no footprint. If necessary, we can provide a fire engine or water tender for fire standby during our project.

Successful Implementations

Brush in this area east of San Diego, (near the Shrine Camp on Mt. Laguna) was thinned by NTFI in 2002 and 2003. During the Cedar Fire in 2003, the reduction of brush resulted in lower fire intensities here. This permitted firefighters to enter the area and halt the fire's spread.

Mt. Laguna Fuels Thinning Project Before and After Treatment