Aviation Gel Supply and Support

Why Use Gel?

NorthTree Fire is capable of using a multitude of fire suppression agents including Class A Foams and Gels. While fire-blocking gels are a relatively new technology, they have proven to be an effective pre-treatment tool when applied to structures and assets threatened by wildfire. NorthTree uses and distributes a product called Thermo-Gel®. This U.S. Forest Service Approved product has experienced widespread acceptance in the wildland fire community, and is increasingly used during Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire operations in many states.

You can purchase gel from NorthTree by contacting our dispatch center at 1-800-FIRE-OUT.

In 2006, we used Thermo-Gel® in helicopter ops in South Dakota, on the Foster Gulch Complex, OR, the Canyon Fire, CA and others. It has been used effectively from fixed wing aircraft and bucket equiped helicopters. It has also been proven very effective in ground operations for everything from wet line operations to structure protection.

Pete Kenney running Gel at the Foster Gulch Complex, 2006

While the Blue Color is a favorite among pilots because it can be seen from the air, Thermo-Gel® can be dropped in a variety of colors with the same fire fighting properties. The coloring is food grade, environmentally safe, and both gel and coloring are biodegradable.

Dispatch Center Manager

Cathy Moreno
1.800.FIRE.OUT / dispatch

Aerial Delivery

Fire suppression gel delivered aerially is non-corrosive, easy to clean up, and costs less than long term retardant operations. Additionally, it is a much more environmentally friendly than traditional long-term retardants, making it the agent of choice when potential harm to waterways and fisheries is an issue.

NorthTree operates a Mobile Gel Plant, which is capable of producing 24,000 gallons of liquid Gel per hour. We can pump 400 gallons of Gel per minute to fill Helicopter dip tanks.

Hemet Air Attack Base 2004.