Mobile Mapping/Prefire Planning Services

Rapid Assessment Mapping

NorthTree GIS uses maps to connect users to a wide variety of information. We specialize in rapid situation assessment, and in the development of map-based decision support tools. Our products allow wide groups of people to access the information that they need to make informed decisions.

Emergency Services

NorthTree Fire International delivers cutting-edge mapping and pre-fire planning services. We provide onsite planning and operations support during large wildfires and other major disasters, and use GIS technology to map fire hazard on ranches, private timberlands, and in the Wildland Urban Interface.

Wildfire Intel

We use our online mapping toolset to improve access of emergency responders to timely wildfire intelligence.

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About NorthTree GIS

Our mapping staff come from a wide variety of fire and resource management backgrounds. We deliver solutions ranging from E911 mapping to powerline hazard assessment. NTFI's GIS team draws upon the knowledge base of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in:

Some examples of our work

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Incident Mapping Professionals

NorthTree GIS began in 1999 as a emergency response mapping service providing onsite GIS mapping equipment and techs to Incident Management Teams responding to large Western wildfires. Since then we have worked on some of the largest wildfires in American history.

Our fire maps compile information from any number of sources including: people on the ground, helicopter GPS, infrared overflight, and sometimes, just a line drawn in Sharpie on an old topographic map. We take in intel until about midnight on most fire assignments, get infrared data around 2-3 a.m. (if we're lucky), and have 50-100 full size maps printed by the time people show up for a 6 a.m. briefing.

Working wildfires has taught us good stress mangement, rock-solid file management, and a lot about how to work with people on tight deadlines. Now that we have diversified into non-emergency GIS work, we like to think that these skills set us apart - that our emergency-response skills can help keep your non-emergency project from turning into one.

NorthTree GIS techs designed maps used to brief President Bush during the 2003 Cedar Fire, in San Diego County.

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A History of Performance

NTFI Mapping Specialists share over 10,000 hours experience providing innovative mapping solutions for Incident Management and Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation Teams during the following major incidents: