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Featured Project - The Thirtymile Fire

The Thirtymile Fire was a wildfire that burned in the Okanogan National Forest, Washington, on July 10, 2001. The fire trapped fourteen firefighters and two campers. Four firefighters of the U.S. Forest Service died on duty. It was the second deadliest fire in Washington state history.

When John Maclean wrote a book about the Thirtymile Fire in 2006, he hired NorthTree GIS to produce the maps. Below is the main graphic from the endpages of the book, along with smaller maps that tell the story of how the disaster unfolded. NorthTree also produced a virtual tour of the story, using Google Earth.

To view the Thirtymile virtual tour, you must have install the Google Earth software program on your computer - available at Google Earth website. You can view the tour by saving this link to your computer and then opening it in Google Earth.

Thirtymile Fire Paper Maps

Book maps designed by NorthTree GIS - 2006

Thirtymile Fire Location

Thirtymile Fire Main Map

Thirtymile Fire Progression