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NorthTree Fire provides mobile mapping support and cartography for Incident Command Teams and other clients during wildfires and other large-scale emergency events. The links below present mapping information from wildfires across the West. More about NorthTree GIS...

Google Map of 2009 Station Fire.

NOTE: NorthTree GIS was not officially assigned to the Station Fire, we are hosting mapping from the USGS Geomac website as a community service.

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This maps shows mapping created by Ca. Incident Management Team I and LA County Fire Department.
Data distribution by USGS -

Google Map overlay by NorthTree GIS
Click here to view all Active Fire Perimeters in Google Earth

To view our 3-d wildfire tours, install the Google Earth software program on your computer by visiting the Google Earth website. Then, click on the links below, and the fire tours will open in your Google Earth browser.

2007 Southern California Fires.

UPDATED - October 30th, 2007: This link shows mapping of the 2007 Southern California fires in the Google Earth program.
CLICK HERE to view the fire areas in Google Maps (no special software required).

Moonlight Fire - Google Earth Tour.

September 6th, 2007: This link shows Infrared Mapping of the Moonlight Fire - on the Plumas National Forest. IR overlays created by the USDA Forest Service Infrared Mapping Section (NIROPS). Click here to view IR mapping of the Moonlight Fire in Google Maps.

Idaho Wildfires - Google Earth Tour.

August 10, 2007: NorthTree Fire GIS is providing mapping on the Landmark Complex Fires, on the Boise National Forest. Click here to load a Google Earth Tour of the Landmark Complex Fires.

The link below shows July 27, 2007 fire perimeters from the following large Idaho wildfires in Google Earth:
Cascade Complex
East Zone Complex
Middle Fork Complex
Murphy Complex
Trapper Ridge Fire Use.

Plumas NF - Antelope Complex

July 12, 2007: NorthTree Fire GIS provided mapping on the Antelope Complex Fires, on the Plumas National Forest.
Antelope Complex Google Map.
Antelope Complex Google Earth Tour.
Antelope Complex Infrared Overlay.

Angora Fire Virtual Tours

The links below provide overview maps of the Angora Fire - in the South Lake Tahoe area - Northern California. NOTE: NorthTree Fire GIS was not officially assigned to the Angora Fire, we are providing these maps as a public service.
Angora Fire Google Map.
Angora Fire Google Earth Tour.

Online Fire Intel Tools

The links below load current wildfire information into your Google Earth Window.

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Example 3-d wildfire map from Google Earth.

Virtual Wildfire Tours

Google Earth for Prefire Planning and Watershed Education

Google Earth is a free program that allows any Internet user with a good connection speed to view 3-d aerial imagery of anywhere on earth. We use this software to help our customers, and the public-at-large, to understand how their location on the landscape affects their exposure to wildfire losses. The "virtual tours" below present wildfire mapping and hazard assessment data using the Google Earth program.

Thanks to California Incident Management Team 3 for field mapping on the Antelope Complex, Pacific Northwest Incident Management Team #3 for field mapping on the Foster Gulch Complex and California Incident Management Team 1 for field mapping on the Angora Fire.